Activity Sheet 7: Home Page Design

In this blog I was supposed to review websites and post what I thought of  them.

This first Website was used for my five second test with a peer. The website is called Edible Arrangements.  The link is : 

My evaluation of this homepage is:

  • To many pictures:At first I was overwhelmed because I couldn’t begin to find what I was seeking.
  • Logo was hard to spot: It is always good to have a logo you can spot and read immediately. It helps the user remember your name and what you do.
  • They did have easy access to the items they had for sell: This greatly helps out the user in what they are trying to find.
  • Favorable color choices: The colors blended nicely and were not to harsh on the eyes.
  • They have certain times you can order: They have a certain time at which you are available to order their product. This has a downside to customers who can only access their site at certain times of the day.
  • There is more random selections then organized selections: It is never good to have random choices to select from. Always try to have organization.
  • They did have a Shop by occasion section: This section makes it extremely easy on the user who knows exactly what they want and for what occasion.
  • They put the Order Now buttons under the pictures: With this button on the bottom of the product picture they wanted to order it makes it more convenient to them to just click and then check out.

The next part of my assignment called for me to find two successful websites with the best homepages.

The first site I chose was iTunes. The link is:

My evaluation of this homepage:

  • At the very beginning of the page it has a download iTunes button: This button simplifies trying to find a download button for users.
  • The navigation buttons are all at the top of the page: Users do not have to guess where the sections are located.
  • It uses nice color tones: It isn’t to bright and flashy.
  • The tabs stay highlighted on which page you are on: This clears any confusion if a user forgets what page they are on.
  • They have the newest iPhone advertised:Potential buyers wouldn’t have to try to find what they want.
My second site I chose was Google.
here is the link:

Very simple site:
I really love that it is not clustered, less is more.
multiple choices at the top: There isn’t a clump of options to choose from. It’s all separated out so the user can look for videos, pictures, or web articles.
Search bar right in the middle: This makes it more convenient to the user.
The site is a little bare: If I could change Google id add in some more color and maybe a border.
The last part of my assignment was to list two websites that have unsuccessful homepages.
My first site I looked at was Visual Arts League.

This site is just plain bad. I am completely confused. I have no idea what this website is about. Up in the top left corner there appears to be two images but I can only make out the one which is the paintbrush moving up and down with a pallet under it. I can’t tell whats under the pallet and the graphic is totally useless and the fact that it is moving only makes it worse by pulling all the attention to the corner. The color choices are terrible, its blue on blue. The text that is supposed to be the navigation menu is extremely small and difficult for me to read. All the text on the page is different sizes. There are images that have no meaning to the site at all. There is also way to much information on the homepage. It has no organization and is completely confusing. The way to fix this site is to just start over completely and choose few pictures, good size of text, and make the site have a clear meaning.

My second site was Burlington UFO and Paranormal Research and Education Center.

This is a link to the site:

First off this site took forever to load because there was so much unnecessary animation. The text was hard to read in some parts because it was small.  There is too many boxes telling me to click on them, I don’t even know what they are for.  There is a random scroll bar in the upper right side of the corner. Way to much information on one page, I don’t even know what to look at first. I cannot find what the site is mainly about.  There is just too much text for someone to actually sit and read, they will take one look at the site and go on to the next.