Anger Management:

Anger management is a good skill to have in life. If you didn’t have it you would miss out on a lot in life and be in more trouble.  Having patience and having the ability to think rationally are two good skills anyone should try and improve on. In the web designing industry you MUST have anger management skills or you will end up smashing the monitor into millions of pieces. Problem solving is a must need skill for WDD you have to be able to stay calm and collected and find solutions to your web pages and code.

Here is some ways to cool down and keep your temper in check:

Stop and walk around if you are beginning to feel flustered.

Take big deep breaths and calm down as much as you can.

Do not yell or thrash around that will only raise your blood pressure and male you more angry.

Try to think happy thoughts and not what is bothering you.

Those are my tips to help you with anger. I have done all of these and they really seem to help me out. Personally I get very angry easily if i cant understand something, so I will calm down, breathe, and maybe listen to music to get my mind off being mad.





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