What I did in class today!

I spent a lot of time looking up designing concepts for web design, and I am no positive I want to be a Web Designer. One of the first things I stumbled upon was the CSS3 animation property.  I love being to make different things move around on the page. I found a ton of tutorials on the site http://www.w3schools.com/. They have so much good information and tutorials I can use. They also make it completely clear for newbies like me to read and comprehend. Googling CSS galleries was also extremely helpful in finding information and inspiration.  Designing is more appealing to me because, I can create sites from my own mind. I get to make them look cool and modern. http://www.smashingapps.com/2012/02/23/showcase-of-useful-css3-tutorials-and-techniques.html this website showed some AMAZING designs that I really want to try out during the rest of the year. One of my favorite css3 creations i have done so far is my navigation that is a ribbon with text that hovers when you scroll over it. http://inetstudent1.francistuttle.edu/bpas12/ this is the website I created with my team mates. You can see my navigation that I am very proud of. I also edited the images in Photoshop cs5. Strengthening my skills in Photoshop and designing are at the very top of my list! I cannot wait to learn more and become well versed in web designing.


ft photoaday



Communication is always going to be necessary. That is how we in this society live, by communicating to each other our ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Web designing requires much communication because the designer has to be sure that the client is getting what they want and nothing less. Its important to keep in contact to we know what is going on and that we aren’t kept in the dark. Communication happens everywhere all the time. It happens over the phone, computer, day to day activities, and more. We even communicate to our pets. Humans aren’t the only ones to do this. Animals, insects, even machines use it. We also have many forms of communication since not everyone can talk or hear so we have to develop technologies to help those that cannot communicate as easily as other people can. I think we will always have developing technologies to talk to one another. It is essential to life and human development. If we did not have any social interaction with anyone then human life would not prosper and there would be much chaos and discord. When it all comes down to it, communication is key so always try to express yourself clearly where others can understand and respond back.