Our whole life is based on the choices that we make. whether it is a good or bad choice it will always affect us. Choices determine where we go, if we succeed or if we fail. I made the choice to go into web design and this choice is one of the biggest I have made in my lifetime. This career is what I chose to do with myself. So I will make choices to learn as much as I can to better myself. I have made bad decisions which resulted in negative outcomes, but once I had done it I learned from that mistake I would go on to make much better choices that outweighed the bad ones. Another great choice of mine was to finish high school, which I am happy to announce to everyone I meet that I graduated and am finally done! I cant wait to say next that I finished Francis Tuttle and I am ready to move on to get a job. I cannot wait to go on into life and have a family and a great job I enjoy and am happy to wake up to. The idea i want to get across is that choices we make with always impact our lives no matter what.


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