What I think about WDD.

From this Web Design and Development course I really hope to gain knowledge about how to create websites and have an understanding of how the web really works.  I want to be able to understand codes, scripting, and programing. Designing content for sites is what I find  most appealing to me. I want to be able to make things the way I see them. I would like to study all the skills needed for my profession that  I plan to pursue. To learn all the codes for the internet is a little intimidating, its like trying to learn a new language it will take time and be a little difficult. It seems I will end up forgetting what I learned before I can learn anything else. When I finish school I hope I will be nice and ready for the work force; and im sure Francis Tuttle will  make me successful. This website is very helpful for people wondering about WDD. It tells how much training you will need, what your salary will look like, and all the success involved in WDD. http://www.all-computer-schools.com/computer-careers/web-development/web-development-careers. In web designing you will use many programs. In the next link there programs that are all associated with Java. http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/tools/webapps_1/.